Artfully crafted to facilitate transformation

How it works

We’ll guide you every step of the way with a personalized program that’s grounded in science, based on proven practices, and optimized to help you break through the obstacles holding you back from fulfilling your potential.

We’re committed to being a patient, positive, and supportive ally throughout your journey.


Preparing to embark

Before your first visit, you’ll learn what to expect, tips for navigating the experience, and how to set intentions to cultivate a receptive, expansive mindset.


Take the assessment

Your journey starts with an online candidate assessment for indications of depression or anxiety to see if you're a fit.


Schedule your
exploratory call

If qualified, you can schedule a free, optional exploratory call with an experienced guide to learn more about what's ahead.


Book your video consult

After completing your client forms, you'll schedule a 45 minute video consult and psychiatric evaluation with a clinician.


Set your intentions

You'll be pointing a giant flashlight into your psyche, and where you point it matters! We'll help you direct your inner exploration through intention setting around what you're hoping to overcome and achieve.


Your first visit

During your first visit to one of our spaces, we'll handle the details of the day so you can focus on diving inwards and having a rewarding, profound experience.


Book your visit

When you arrive, you'll be greeted by a friendly guide who will check you in and walk you through the day.


Prepare with
your clinician

Your clinician will ensure you're physically and mentally ready before reviewing your intentions and sharing tips for navigating the experience.


Your first voyage

Ketamine dissolved under your tongue onsets after 10 minutes

Dive inwards on a 1 hour introspective journey

Guided meditations and music enhance your experience

Explore your inner mind while monitored in a safe, comfortable environment


Integrate your

After, you’ll reflect and refresh in one of our integration rooms. By journaling immediately in your Mindbloom notebook, you’ll solidify and expand on your experience.


Completing the journey

Your clinician may prescribe 4 sessions every 1-2 weeks. Along the way, we'll help you make sense of your experiences, leverage your receptive neural pathways, and turn your insights into an actionable plan to conquer life’s roadblocks.


Integrate with
a personalized plan

Fresh insights, intense feelings, new neural pathways - what do you do with it all? Integrating what you discovered about yourself is the key to lasting change.


Structured sessions

Whether you're at our space or eligible for remote treatments, each session includes a guided program.


Psychedelic therapy 101

By the end of your introductory four session program, you'll know the basics for getting the most out of psychedelic therapy through preparation, inner exploration, and integration.


Going further and deeper

The end of your journey could be just the beginning with added ways to break through.


1:1 integration
talk therapy

Get help interpreting your experiences and integrating them into your daily life by working with a licensed therapist on our platform.


Advanced programs

Now that you’ve learned the basics of psychedelic therapy, you may be eligible to go deeper with intramuscular injection dosing and new programs.


Group therapy

Have family or close friends who are also Mindbloom clients? Work on yourselves, together!

A recent experience

"Mindbloom gave me everything I was looking for. The next day, I almost felt like a kid again where everything felt new. And the lasting effects have been so real. It was life-changing. I’ve been telling everybody about it."

Adam B. - Designer in New York, NY

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