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Ketamine, a powerful option
for providers

We founded Mindbloom because we were frustrated by the lack of effective medical treatment options for the millions of people struggling with severe depression. We know we share this feeling with the thousands of compassionate mental healthcare professionals who provide critical counsel to their patients. They desire better, more reliable complements to their care. We believe Mindbloom is a powerful answer to this need.

How we partner with you

At Mindbloom, we provide infusions of ketamine in a safe, monitored environment. Rather than seeing our service as a silver bullet solution, we consider it a critical pillar in a larger context of care for patients with depression. We work closely with each patient’s existing mental healthcare provider to ensure the best outcomes for patients.

Here’s how:

  • We work with psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and primary care physicians to help identify patients who may benefit from ketamine treatment therapy

  • We provide ketamine infusions for patients referred to us, in our offices with oversight from physicians trained in anesthesia and sedation

  • Patients return to their providers for follow up care

  • Mindbloom provides efficacy data to providers, and engages in two-way dialogue to help ensure the best long-term care plan for each patient

Who is right for

The American Psychiatric Association lists a wide spectrum of conditions that may be addressed through infusions of ketamine, from depression to PTSD to chronic pain. At Ember Health we focus on helping patients with Major Depressive Disorder. We work with providers to determine if ketamine if appropriate and safe for their patients, and we personally screen all patients prior to each infusion.

For Providers